Current Projects

Inspire Workshop

Our team will be completing an academic infusion project centered around educating the youth of today on sustainable energy practices and techniques.  We will be providing a workshop class session for the Chico High School Inspire School where the main educational focus is math, electronics, and robotics.  This class will help introduce these students to sustainability and conservation efforts, and hopefully spark an interest in the field of energy conservation.  We also hope to take this educational workshop and use it with other schools in the area in the hopes of expanding the knowledge of the future generations.

Greening the Model Dorm Room

The beginning of summer marks a time when prospective Chico State students take guided tours throughout the campus, with a segment of the tour exhibiting a model dorm room at Whitney Hall. To demonstrate how to live sustainably in the dorms, our PowerSave Campus team intends to transform this model dorm room into an eco-friendly living space through the Green Dorm Room project. Our mission is to promote sustainable behavior on the Chico State campus by targeting students and their families before move-in.

Earth Day

In the spirit of celebrating our beautiful planet, PowerSave will be participating in the Earth Day festivities by tabling throughout the day on April 22nd. We will feature two displays representing current environmental challenges facing society today. One will focus on water shortages and the drought in California, and the other on climate change and carbon dioxide emissions. Information on best practices for achieving efficiency both with water and energy use will also be displayed. In hopes of connecting with school pride, we will also be fundraising to support endangered Wildcat species and offering free face-paintings as an incentive. The goal of this event is to create awareness of pressing environmental issues and educate the common passerby on ways to improve consumption behavior.


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