Christopher Kaiakapu

Chris KaiakapuChris is a student of Environmental Science with an option in Energy and Earth Resources, and a minor in Geology. This is his fifth and final year at Chico State as a student athlete, competing as a Javelin thrower on Chico’s Track & Field team. Originally from the island of Kaua’i in the beautiful state of Hawai’i, he is passionate about the outdoors, and gets involved in almost every adventurous activity you can imagine. Upon learning of the program’s energy saving efforts through involvement with AS Sustainability, Chris became involved with PowerSave Campus program after returning from a semester abroad in Australia during the Fall of 2012. As the only program veteran, he has taken on the Team Manager role, and helps organize all of the team’s efforts. He is also leading the current project that aims to improve Butte Station’s energy efficiency.

Max Bowman

Max BowmanMax is studying Business Administration with an option in Management Information Systems. He is originally from Sacramento, CA and now spends his time away form school in Montara, CA. Starting his second year at Chico State, he enjoys playing golf, skiing, traveling, and backpacking in the wilderness. Aside from serving as the team’s Treasurer, he is currently focusing on a Vending Machine Audit, working on monitoring the usage, effectiveness, and popularity of vending machines on campus to develop a more sustainable setup of the machines on campus. As one of the new members of the team, he will be contributing on various projects in an effort to reduce wasteful energy consumption habits, and to spread awareness on how to improve sustainable practices.

Micah Yaldezian

Micha YaldezianMicah is very excited to be joining the PowerSave Campus team and cannot wait to begin making CSU Chico a greener, more sustainable campus. He is currently a kinesiology major and decided to join PSC because he wishes to minimize the footprint we humans have on our environment, keeping our earth pristine for years to come. He hopes to uphold Chico State’s reputation for being a leader in sustainability, and wants to spread awareness about renewable energy needs. Only in his sophomore year of school, Micah is eager to see what this position has in store for him!

Samantha Duncan

Samantha DuncanSamantha is studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and is receiving a minor in Managing for Sustainability.  She is a transfer student originally from San Diego, California and this is her second year at Chico State.  She applied for this position because of her desire to work for SDG&E, the same company that both her father and grandfather have worked for.  Another reason why she wanted to work for PowerSave is because of her dedication to living a sustainable lifestyle.  For this reason, she is the Sustainability Director of her business fraternity, Phi Chi Theta, and she also works at AS Sustainability as the Marketing Coordinator.   An outdoor lighting audit is her first major project, and she is looking forward to the opportunity to connect with PG&E and facilities management and gain valuable experience.

Alyssa Cordova

Alyssa CordovaAlyssa Cordova is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in energy and earth resources and a minor in Management for Sustainability. She will be graduating this spring, 2014. Alyssa has remained actively involved in sustainably efforts throughout the Chico State campus and the community for all four years of her collegiate career. Her passion for the natural world and preserving its longevity is what led her to apply for this position. She strongly believes that behavioral change is necessary and must occur for the well being of the planet and its species. Being a part of this organization allows her to be instrumental in the efforts to improve human behavior by promoting a sustainable lifestyle. So remember, “it is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.” –Sydney Smith

Bree Russell

Bree RussellBrianna Russell, a Sustainable Manufacturing student at California State University, Chico, has devoted her college experience to promoting sustainability. Bree’s involvement during her time in Chico has been diverse and enriching. Academically, she has focused on reducing waste and increasing efficiency in manufacturing processes. Furthermore, Bree has interned for the campus sustainability office, coordinating community outreach. Her involvement with PowerSave Campus stemmed from her desire to improve the campus in a meaningful way. Bree spends a great deal of her free time mountain biking and hiking the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. An avid tinkerer, she is also waist deep in the restoration of a vintage Honda café racer. Regardless of what she may be doing any given day, the tenets of sustainability inspire Bree to always put the planet first.


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